Gokulpuri metro station boundary divider collapses, 1 dead

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Gokulpuri metro station boundary walls collapses

A fire unit is show at the spot on standby as a piece is still hanging from the broken structure.

A parcel of the boundary divider of the Gokulpuri metro station in Delhi collapsed on Thursday morning, murdering one and harming four others.

The perished was recognized as Vinod Kumar, 53, a inhabitant of Karawal Nagar.

A few bicycles have too been harmed. A fire unit is show at the spot on standby as a piece is still hanging from the broken structure.

Officers said that the occurrence took put at 11 am on when one elixir of the metro station boundary divider on the eastern side fell down on the street below.

“At slightest four people were harmed and one individual was caught beneath the flotsam and jetsam and was horrifyingly harmed whereas others supported minor injuries,” DCP (Northeast) Bliss Tirkey said.

Gokulpuri metro station boundary

The officer included that police staff, alongside open offer assistance, oversaw to extrication of the individual who was caught from beneath the flotsam and jetsam.

“He was riding a scooter when the occurrence happened. He was surged to the GTB Hospital,” said the DCP.

Delhi Fire Administration Chief Atul Garg said that they got a call at 11 am and four fire tenders were surged to the spot. Two harmed individuals were protected by the fire office officials, while two others were as of now sent to the healing center by the public.

The flotsam and jetsam are being expelled with the assistance of JCBs and cranes, and Delhi Metro staff and police are displayed at the spot.

The Delhi Police Commissioner said that the investigation is ongoing and a case will be registered in the matter. The Gokulpuri Metro station is located on the Delhi Metro’s Pink Line.

Peopele Injured in Gokulpuri Incident:

A major accident took place at Gokulpuri station of Delhi Metro on Thursday. At Gokulpuri Metro Pink Line station, a part of the side wall of the platform collapsed and fell on the road.

Since it was morning time, there was movement of people on the road below the metro station, due to which the news of 3 to 4 people getting injured is also coming out while one person got trapped in the debris. The incident happened around 11 am.

With the help of some people, police personnel pulled out the person trapped under the debris who was riding on his scooter at the time of the incident. The injured have been taken to GTB Hospital. Efforts are being made to identify the injured people and further information is being gathered.

Immediately after the incident, the debris was removed with the help of JCB and crane and local police and metro employees are present at the spot.

About Gokulpuri metro station

Gokulpuri Metro Station in Delhi is like a superhero for people who live in and around the area. It helps them get around the city quickly and easily. Let’s explore how this metro station is changing lives for the better.

Location and How to Get There:

Gokulpuri Metro Station is in the northeast part of Delhi. It’s like a central meeting point for different parts of the city. You can easily reach it by using the Delhi Metro, which is a big network of trains that helps people travel smoothly.

Gokulpuri Metro Station Walls:

Gokulpuri Metro Station Walls

The walls of Gokulpuri Metro Station are like a big, colorful storybook. Covered in bright paintings and drawings, they show the fun and creativity of the people in Gokulpuri. These pictures tell a story of the community, with each drawing adding something special to the station.

Local artists, as well as those from different places, have joined in to create this unique artwork. From old-style designs to new and cool pictures, the walls capture the different sides of life in Gokulpuri.

These special walls aren’t just decorations; they’re like a big community bulletin board. They share messages, tell stories, and show off what makes Gokulpuri special. When people pass by, they see more than just a train station – they see a colorful, living artwork that represents the dreams and wishes of the people who live there. The station walls make Gokulpuri Metro Station not just a place to catch a train but a lively and creative part of the community.

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