Happy Valentine’s Day: Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated only on 14 February? Valentine’s Day Week List

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Almost everyone likes the month of February. Happy Valentine’s Day Week comes in this month itself, for which lovers wait throughout the year. Throughout Valentine’s Week, people express their love to each other.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February, the last day of this love-filled week. Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day in their own way. Valentine’s Day is celebrated not only in India but in many countries.

Everyone celebrates this day, but do you know the history of this day? Do you know why Valentine’s Day is celebrated? Actually, there is a very interesting story behind celebrating Valentine’s Day, about which we are going to tell you today. This story of Valentine’s Day is dedicated to someone’s love and sacrifice. So without delay let us tell you the reason to celebrate this day.

Happy Valentine's Day Week List




Day 1

7th February 2024

Rose Day

Day 2

8th February 2024

Propose Day

Day 3

9th February 2024

Chocolate Day

Day 4

10th February 2024

Teddy Day

Day 5

11th February 2024

Promise Day

Day 6

12th February 2024

Hug Day

Day 7

13th February 2024

Kiss Day

Day 8

14th February 2024

Valentine’s Day

Know when it started?

Happy Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 February. It started during the time of Claudius, a Roman king. It is said that at that time there was a priest in Rome, whose name was St. Valentine. There it was believed that married soldiers were not loyal, which is why the king there made a rule regarding marriage. But Valentine broke that rule and married a girl secretly. Everyone came to know about their marriage and Valentine was arrested. Celebrating Happy Valentine’s Day started in his name.

Why is Valentine's Day celebrated only on 14 February?

saint valentine
Saint Valentine

It is said that Saint Valentine always talked about promoting love in the world. But, King Claudius did not like this thing. The king believed that love and marriage destroy the power of men. Due to this, the king had even passed an order that state officials and soldiers could not marry.

When St. Valentine came to know about this, he protested against it. He organized the marriages of many army officers and soldiers. When the king came to know about this, he hanged Saint Valentine on 14 February 269. After his death, people honored his sacrifice and decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in his memory.

Happy Valentine's Day Week List 2024

The second month of the year, February is very special for loving couples. In the second week of February, a special kind of test begins, which every lover has to face for his love. Some people get excited while preparing for this exam while some people remain a little nervous. Actually, it is necessary to pass every paper of this examination which lasts for seven days. 

The most important thing is that if you are caught cheating during this examination, you can get severe punishment. Keeping this in mind you do not have to worry too much during this examination, today we are telling you the timetable of the examination. With this timetable, you can prepare well for your exam, and that too without any confusion. Let us see which day to prepare for which paper.

First Day (Rose Day) - 7th February

happy rose day 7th february

The first day of this Valentine’s week, starting from the 7th of February is known as Rose Day. In other words, this paper starts with the fragrance and beauty of roses. On this day, loving couples express their love by giving roses to each other. If your heart is beating for someone and you have not been able to tell your condition to him/her yet, then on this day you can express all your feelings through a rose. Keep in mind that love can be expressed only with red roses.

Day 2 (Propose Day) 8th February

happy propose day 8th february

Propose Day is celebrated on the second day of Valentine’s week which is 8th February. If you are deeply in love with someone and want to tell him/her about it, then without any delay, surprise him/her on this day and propose to him/her. If you have already proposed to someone and are in a relationship, then take them on a nice date.

Day 3 (Chocolate Day) 9th February

happy chocolate day 9th february

Chocolate has remained an important part of people’s lives for the last 200 years. Whether it is to relieve stress or to express love to someone, chocolate is used for different reasons. Chocolate Day is celebrated on the third day of Valentine’s week which is 9th February. On this day, loving couples feed each other chocolate so that life remains as sweet as chocolate.

Day 4 (Teddy Day) 10th February

happy teddy day 10th february

Like a teddy bear, the heart is also very weak and delicate. To give a feeling of tenderness of heart, they gift teddy bears to each other on the fourth day of Valentine’s week which is 10th February. However, girls like this stuffed toy more. Girls like to sleep hugging a teddy and talk to it.

Day 5 (Promise Day) 11th February

promise day of valentine's week day on 11th february

It is easier to love than it is to keep it. Promise Day is celebrated on 11th February, the fifth day of Valentine’s week in February. On this day, loving couples make a special promise to each other for life.

Day 6 (Hug Day) 12th February

happy hug day

‘Hug Day’ is celebrated on the sixth day of Valentine’s week which is 12th February. This is a day to express love by hugging each other. The biggest specialty of this day is that under the pretext of a magic hug, we get a chance to know how much the other person loves us, and what he has in his heart for us.

Day 7 (Kiss Day) 13th February

happy kiss day 13th february

If love needs to be expressed without words, a loving kiss is enough. In this test too, on the seventh day of  Valentine’s week which is 13 February, every loving couple expresses their love by kissing each other.

Last Day (Happy Valentine's Day) 14th February

Happy Valentine's Day on 14th february.couple enjoying this day

What could be more important than finding an excuse to party in the hectic pace of life? In the same way, even if we express our love every day, we have to celebrate it one day, boss. Happy Valentine’s Day is that day.

People share love on this day by giving cards, and gifts, and doing sweet things. Couples enjoy spending time together, like having a romantic dinner, a weekend trip, or just sharing special moments and enjoy the Happy Valentine’s Day.

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In summary, Valentine’s Week is a special time filled with love. Each day, from roses to hugs, has a unique way of expressing affection. It leads to the big celebration on February 14th—Happy Valentine’s Day. The week is not just about romantic love; it includes friendship, family, and self-love. As we go through this week, let’s remember that all kinds of love are precious. Whether you’re giving gifts, having a nice dinner, or creating something special, the heart of Valentine’s Week is the real connections we have with our loved ones. May this week be a joyful reminder to share and appreciate the love that brightens our lives.

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